Chemical Balancing Services

R Pools is happy to offer our pool chemical balancing as an individual service. Every pool needs chemicals, and for the pool to be safe and clean, those chemicals need to maintain a proper balance. Otherwise, the water could carry unwanted bacteria or, if chemicals are out of whack, a surplus of toxic acids and balancing agents could prove harmful to swimmers and equipment.

Chemical balancing can be a difficult process without the right knowledge and supplies, and R Pools has both of those in abundance. We want to help you achieve a crystal clear balance and make your pool a purely enjoyable experience. With our customers in mind, we keep our balancing chemicals off-site to store them away from pets and family. We take pride in taking care of our customers, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Simply come home and swim.

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We are proud to serve the Houston area, including Spring and The Woodlands, caring for you and your pool with all the care and courtesy that we would give our own. R Pools offers meticulous and thorough services that will increase the longevity of your equipment and pool. Our chemical balancing fits right in with our commitments to consistency and top quality care. Contact us today to learn more about this service. R Pools also offers pool equipment repairs & installations! Call to learn more.

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