Pool Winterizing Services & Maintenance 

Winter Pool Care in Houston, TX When winter arrives in Houston, the swimming season typically comes to an end. As much as you may not want to venture out into the cold to protect your pool, proper maintenance extends equipment lifespan and ensures you will have crystal clear water to enjoy when temperatures start to rise. With Houston’s warmer climate, it’s possible to avoid a pool cover. 

What is Pool Winterizing Services?

If you are looking to close your pool or looking to maintain the health of your pool in the cold months, R Pools has a variety of services to achieve those goals, specifically our pool winterizing, or winter pool, services and maintenance. When keeping your pool open through winter months, proper care will stop cold weather from damaging the pool itself and its filtration system. We service pools throughout the Northern suburbs of Houston, including Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, and more

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Winter Pool Maintenance & Cleaning Services in Houston

What services are included in the winter pool maintenance & cleaning services provided by R Pools?

Cleaning Pools for Winter

When leaves start to fall, you should regularly remove dirt and debris that find their way into the pool. Debris and leaves can clog pipes, which reduces the filtration system lifespan and makes the pool more difficult to clean later. A dirty pool can also develop water line rings. Not only are these rings unattractive, they are often breeding grounds for bacteria. R Pools offers a range of weekly cleaning services in a range of price packages to ensure that your pool is clean during the winter.

Test The Water

Just because you aren’t swimming in the water regularly doesn’t mean water quality isn’t a concern. Balanced water chemistry –the pool's pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness – combats harmful bacteria and algae. R Pools offers chemical balancing services to make sure that your pool maintains proper chemistry.

Stir The Water

Moving water is much less likely to freeze. Even though you aren’t swimming, running your pump on a regular basis ensures your water stays in liquid form.

Maintaining Pool Equipment During Winter

Since you most likely will not use your pool regularly over winter months, inspect and repair any issues so your pool is ready for use when warm weather arrives. Check your pump, filter, and heater periodically to ensure proper operability. Unmaintained equipment can be more costly to fix down the road. We offer free estimates at R Pools, so please request service if you think that your equipment may need maintenance.


How Can We Help Winterize Your Pool in Houston & Surrounding Areas?

Regular pool maintenance during winter months saves money and ensures your pool is ready for springtime swimming fun. How often you maintain your pool depends on myriad factors, which include frequency of use and available time. Weekly or twice-monthly maintenance is common for warmer climates. Once you determine your pool maintenance schedule, stick with it.

If you don’t have time to maintain your pool during colder months, the experts at R Pools can handle the work for you. Our team can arrange a consultation and help determine the best maintenance plan for your lifestyle and budget.

Protect your swimming pool from winter damage with R Pools. Our detail-oriented technicians have a knack for service, honesty, quality, and consistency. We show up when we say we will, and consistently give your swimming pool the attention that it needs to stay pristine and clear.

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